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Week 8: Halloween Edition


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The Darth Vader came from a Lee J. Ames book, and I believe the vampire came from an Ed Emberly book.  I am especially proud of the Darth Vader, although I would have a hard time explaining why Cameron is so small, seemingly floating in the air, and dressed up like a Wilma/Pebbles mashup from the Flintstones.  Halloween?

The reference to “Oprah’s Book Club” relates back to my time working at Barnes & Noble.  Every time Oprah would mention a book on television, we would be immediately ransacked by over-caffeinated housemarms, which left the housemarms-come-lately furious that we unexpectedly ran out of copies of “100 Years of Solitude” earlier in the day.

That happened a lot in 2003.

I also wonder if Colin is drinking plasma, too.  That just hit me.

Happy Halloween!