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Week 3:


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This strip is notable for three reasons:

  1. I was still working on getting the shape of their skulls consistent at this point, so they were still prone to winding up as coneheads. Sometimes I would remember to shave down the points using Photoshop, sometimes I wouldn’t…skull-shape roulette, anyone?
  2. This also marked the first time I used a tutorial from a “how to draw” book (in this case, for the monkey) and then built the gag around that visual element. The film “Outbreak” was still a pretty popular cultural touchpoint in 2003, even though film had been released eight years earlier.  Fun fact: if you begin typing the word “outbreak” into Google, the term “outbreak monkey” is the third auto-complete suggestion.  I would like to think that this was thanks to me, but…it probably wasn’t.
  3. Colin (the one on the right) seem pretty unaware of the potential danger to him if his plan succeeds. That just occurred to me.